Archi’s Thai

Archi's Thai Bistro

Archi’s is a family-owned and award-winning Thai restaurant group with three locations in the beautiful Las Vegas valley. We pride ourselves on serving only 100% authentic Thai cuisine. Archi’s does not combine elements from other cultures (sometimes known as “fusion”) outside of Thailand. Visitors that have traveled to Thailand that want to enjoy a 100% pure Thai food experience agree and make up a large part of our repeat customer base. All the recipes served at Archi’s has been passed down from generation to another, which originated in Bangkok. This gives the world the opportunity to taste Archi’s history, with each new generation adding their own stamp while preserving essential quality and fresh excellence of each dish.

Archi’s offers both classic and new fares that artfully combine flavors from the five basic flavor groups: bitter, sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. When these tastes combine, the dishes burst with flavor and healthful benefits. Come sample our condiments that are freshly made in-house, like our blended vinegar-chili and dried chili-garlic blend.

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