November 10, 2019 ·

6 Things to Do With the Family in Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas with kids
This is just outside Las Vegas at the Dry Lake Bed in Jean.

Whether you’re set on moving here or just want to bring the family for a test run before making the leap, you’ll find plenty of ways to love life in Las Vegas. Here are my top suggestions for kid-friendly activities to do with your family in Las Vegas—both in and around the city.

1. Welcome Curiosity at Springs Preserve

This exciting destination is 180 acres of fun and learning. You can wander through the Nevada State Museum and learn all about local history and nature, explore the trails and botanical garden, get interactive in the Desert Living Center, and walk through the seasonal Butterfly Habitat. 

Another thing I love about this option is that it’s just three miles from downtown. Springs Preserve is also the original home of the natural springs that created Las Vegas—pretty cool!

2. Get Virtual at The VOID

Right in the heart of The Strip, you’ll find a spot that lets you get away from everything. Even if you love your new desert home, you know there’s nothing like virtual escapism. The VOID is great fun for kids and adults, letting you suit up and step inside a virtual world where your senses take control. 

The VOID opened in 2019 and, as a newer destination, they’re still working out the occasional issue, but the experience they offer is something you won’t want to miss. Keep in mind that participants must be at least 10 years old.

3. Cool off at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

If you and the family want to cool off somewhere, head to Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas. This 26-acre water park is about 20 minutes southeast of The Strip, and it’s jam-packed with water slides, a wave pool, and several children’s areas. Some of the rides have height restrictions, so check those out to make sure everyone can take part. Wet ‘n’ Wild tops my list for fun ways to stay cool when Las Vegas gets HOT.

4. Get Gaming at Pinball Hall of Fame

This arcade spot is called a museum, but it’s fully interactive and costs nothing until you play one of the games. Even then the game cost is minimal — and I love that the proceeds go to a good cause. 

Located away from The Strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame lets you play games from the 1960s through to the 1990s. You’ll likely find a few games you recognize, and your kids will definitely have plenty of new gaming opportunities. Two tips: it’s probably a better destination for older kids, and bring cash and coins. There is a change machine but no ATM or register.

5. Enjoy Nature at Clark County Wetlands Park

If you’re looking for somewhere to show younger kids the wonders of nature, take a short trip over to Clark County Wetlands Park. This park, which first opened in 1991, has a nature center, a 210-acre nature preserve, and several miles of paved and unpaved trails. 

I love coming here to see all the plants and animals—you’ll be surprised by how much you can see in the earlier hours. Kids of all ages will love the displays, climbing wall, and hands-on learning.

6. Zoom Across the Desert with Dune Buggies

Finally, you and your kids won’t be able to say no to dune buggy rides. Head out with a tour operator like SunBuggy Fun Rentals for a desert adventure in any season. They cater to families of all sizes and ages, so everyone’s sure to have a blast. Riders must be four years or older, and drivers must have a valid license. 

There’s a lot to love about Las Vegas, from weekend adventures to anytime outings. These activities are a great way to get to know your new home. Send me a message if you are looking to move here, and comment below what your favorite family-friendly outings are!

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