July 14, 2020 ·

Cost of Living in Las Vegas, NV

Something I’ve been asked about a lot is the cost of living in Las Vegas, Nevada. While I talk A LOT about housing prices, styles, and neighborhoods, because, let’s be honest: that’s my job, I know that getting an idea of the costs after you move here is equally important. I’ve got a few categories to discuss with you today, so let’s get started!


This is what I do for a living, so I’m going to start here! As of May 2020, the median price of a home in Las Vegas is $315,000. There is a slight caveat, as a lot of the newer listings going up have been around $349, 000. Just something to keep in mind as you start searching! You may find yourself with the chance to negotiate a little bit on a home, depending on the property itself.


Although our team’s main goal is to help you invest in yourself and the properties you choose, renting in Las Vegas is always an option. And, it’s a great option for someone who knows they want to be out here, but isn’t really sure about where. Renting gives you a chance to “try out” an area and determine the kind of lifestyle you hope to extract from living in Las Vegas. Whether you rent a home or an apartment, the average price point is $1176 a month.

Cost of Living in Las Vegas Nevada as explained by Las Vegas Gal and real estate agent, Laci Cerrone: tips on gas, energy, and groceries

Energy Bills!

Guys, we live in a desert. It gets SUPER hot (we’re talking 115 degrees with no humidity). That takes some getting used to… all this to say, energy bills can be really high in the summer (I’m talking $600+/month!) while during the winter, it’s a bit lower. I highly encourage you to look into the average payment plan. This takes your whole bill for a year and divides it so that you’re paying the average each month. It allows your bill to be predictable and less scary when it comes in!

Gas Prices!

This one’s pretty easy: we are running about $2.96/gallon right now. We all know gas prices can fluctuate, but generally gas here is cheaper than other major touristy cities. Keep in mind, on holiday weekends, you may still see spikes like anywhere else. Still, if you’re moving from somewhere that you pay $4+ for a gallon, this is a nice breath of fresh air!


When I say groceries, I mean the food you buy to cook and eat at home. Obviously Las Vegas has a TON of great restaurants to enjoy, but let’s focus on the stuff we need at home. Here’s a few common prices:

Bread: $3.46/loaf

Milk: $2.02/gallon

Eggs: $1.88/carton

Bananas: $3.49/bunch

Burgers: $4.41

Here’s a hot tip: Check out the Bread/Bakery Outlet if you can! When stores have bread delivered they don’t need, they send it to the Bread Outlet where it’s sold for a cheaper price. It’s NOT day old bread. It’s just cheaper!

Cost of Living in Las Vegas Nevada as explained by Las Vegas Gal and real estate agent, Laci Cerrone: tips on gas, energy, and groceries

Clearly, this is just scratching the surface of the cost of living in Las Vegas. But, hopefully it gives you a little bit of insight into what life can be like here!

Moving to Las Vegas?

We have so many people contacting us who are moving here to Las Vegas and we ABSOLUTELY love it! Honestly, if you are moving or relocating here to Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada, we can make that transition so much easier on you!! If you are interested in learning more about buying a home in Las Vegas or Henderson, fill out this form and we will be in touch!

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