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Favorite Local Casinos in Las Vegas

Best Local Casinos in Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas, you probably live somewhat close to a casino. Casinos are glamorous and fun, with free drinks and a shot at winning big! As locals, though, our off-Strip casinos often serve as a community center where you can shop, catch a movie, bowl, or yes, gamble.

Local casinos in Las Vegas have all the same excitement as the Strip and Downtown casinos, but they offer a shorter drive and often a calmer vibe. If you’re thinking of moving here, or if you already live here but want to find a new spot, there are a few casinos you should definitely try out.

Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa

The casino at Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa is a beautiful place to gamble, shop, bowl, and watch films off the Strip. It’s close to people in Green Valley, Henderson, and parts of Las Vegas.

Green Valley Ranch also has a consistently clean feel to it that I love. Let’s face it, a lot of older casinos have lived hard and fast and have acquired a bit of a funk as a result. This place is new, clean, and gorgeous. Not to mention the spa is first class.

If you want to catch a movie, you can park close and walk in a designated movie theater entrance. You will hardly feel like you’re at a casino.

Gambling here is usually pretty relaxed and calm, which is great if you’re looking to avoid a more hectic, over-priced tourist experience. There’s also an outdoor shopping center attached to the casino called The District, which houses some of my favorite restaurants and shopping in the city. Green Valley Ranch has a lot to offer.

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

The setting for Red Rock Casino is stunning. As the name implies, it’s near Red Rock Canyon. It’s backed right up close to the mountains, making it feel lightyears away from the neon Strip. A lot of people (myself included) think it is one of the nicest local casinos. It pays to be a regular too, since their rewards program is pretty generous, especially with deals for the in-house restaurants.

They are another casino that serves as a community center. You’ll find a nice bowling alley and movie theater at Red Rock Casino.

As far as gaming goes, the best part of Red Rock is their balance between table games and slot machines. You’re not going to run out of things to play there, and they have something for everyone.

M Casino

M Casino is a great local entertainment hub in its own right, but what keeps a lot of locals coming back to the M is their buffet. With incredible dishes and great service, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one! Trust me, it’s incredible. If you’re more into spas, the M Casino spa and pool is not one to miss.

When it comes to gaming, the feel of the slots at the M can vary, but the overall mood is excellent if you’re just a casual player. There’s no pressure, and the staff are always going to treat you well.

The Takeaway

One of the best parts about being a local in Las Vegas is the world-class entertainment all around you.

The big hotels on the Strip might rake in the big bucks when it comes to gambling, but for locals who have been there and done that, local spots offer a whole new Las Vegas experience. These local casinos truly are community centers, whether or not you like to gamble.

Send me a message if you want to chat about living in Las Vegas, and comment below and tell me your favorite local casino. We’re always looking to expand our list!

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