February 1, 2020 ·

🧡 Finding and Keeping the Nerve 🧡

Finding and Keeping the Nerve

Building and believing in something takes a lot of nerve. That’s kind of an old saying that I remember hearing in movies and TV shows as a kid. It seems to be one of those words/phrases that has expired and been replaced with “audacity” or another more modern twist to get the punchline just right. Whether it’s nerve or audacity, you have to find it and hold on with a white-knuckle grip as you build the life that you want, the business that nobody understands, the relationship that is right for you, the dream that you cannot release.

Without the nerve, your journey will end before it has begun. Criticism, fear, worry, doubt, shame will take over and eliminate all possibilities, leaving you to live a boring, depressed, unfulfilled life.

The other thing that comes along with having the nerve is understanding that life is made up of many chapters. Most people are not brave enough to close one chapter and begin a new one simply based on the unknown. If you find the bravery to get you to page one of that new chapter, a white-knuckle Kung-Fu action grip of that nerve becomes your only weapon as you venture into the unknown.

The biggest thing that I battle and focus my “nerve” on is the need for reassurance along the way. Not the reassurance from a parent or a loved one, but actual signs and indicators that the path is the right one. News flash… sometimes those things don’t exist for a LONG time. You have to grip and go with a smile and stop looking for signs along the way. Focus on the prize and enjoy the ride!

When I looked up the saying “the nerve of him/her!” online, I was surprised to see such an accurate description of how I feel every day.

The Nerve = The ability to control your fear and remain determined when you are doing something difficult or dangerous.

I never considered myself a thrill-seeker before I began these new chapters in my life, but now I’m proud to say I live for the dangerous and difficult road that accompanies my dreams. It makes the journey and the result so much sweeter. 👊🏻🔥

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