March 9, 2020 ·

Have You Heard of Primm, Nevada? Here are My Recs!

As the Las Vegas Gal, I have made it my job to know Las Vegas inside and out. But if you take a short drive outside Las Vegas, there are a few little communities where Las Vegas locals might find a different speed and way of life.

Primm is one of those little communities. It’s 40 miles south of Las Vegas, and I think it’s a hidden gem. It frequents as a stop for people traveling between California and Las Vegas. It’s the perfect stop on your road trip to the beach or just as a fun day trip to get out of the city!

Want to immerse yourself in world-class artwork? Check. Want to shop designer goods at prices you’ll want to tell everyone about? Check. How about getting your adrenaline pumping? Check! There’s a little bit of everything fun in Primm, and if that sounds right for you, then it’s time to go beyond the city and check out these four fabulous attractions.

Seven Magic Mountains Primm

1. Sight-Seeing at Seven Magic Mountains

You have probably seen pictures of Seven Magic Mountains and may have wondered where it is. Well, it’s in Primm and it’s 100% worth the drive. It’s bigger and more magical in person, and it’s free to walk around. Seven Magic Mountains makes a perfect day trip to get your kids out of the house, a fun destination for a motorcycle ride, or a cute post for Instagram.

Ugo Rondinone is a renowned Swiss artist, and he created this towering sculpture in 2016. It was originally only meant to stay for two years, but people loved it so much that it was extended to 2021. Who knows if the Bureau of Land Management will extend it again, so go see it in 2020 before it moves or is taken down.

Check out the hashtag #7magicmountains on Instagram to see more pics of this installation! Kids, couples, family, dogs—they’ll all love the trip to Seven Magic Mountains in Primm!

2. Shopping at Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas

I love a good deal. If you’ve driven into Las Vegas from California then you’ve probably seen the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas. Yes, they’re out in Primm, but if you are planning your day in Primm, then a couple hours at the outlets is necessary. Kate Spade, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few of the high-end brands that live there.

Plus, the walls of the mall are filled with colorful murals, installations, and artwork. So even if you’re on a strict budget, it’s worth a stop at the outlets for the art. They’re right off the freeway, so you can’t miss them.

3. Wind Sailing at Ivanpah Lake

The dry Ivanpah Lake is a must-visit if you like speed. The dried-out lake is stunning, and it’s internationally renowned for wind sailing. Cool, right? You can go up to 100 mph, or you can just ride bikes, take in the views, and hang out with the fam.

The world land speed record was set there—126.1 mph. If you reach out to companies like Omega Land Sailing then they can help you get what you need to sail across a dry lake. Talk about a one-of-a-kind experience!

4. Riding Horses at Sandy Valley Ranch

Sandy Valley Ranch has amazing reviews on TripAdvisor for a reason. It feels like stepping back into the wild wild west, and to quote them, “45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas.” You can ride horses on a guided tour through the ranch and work cattle if you want. Live out your cowboy/cowgirl dreams for a day!

There are a couple of casinos and golf courses out in Primm where you can cap off your day trip. You can truly make a day out of Primm, Nevada!

From speed to shopping and art to adventure, you’re sure to have a good time in Primm. If you live in Las Vegas and you’re looking for places to spend the day, I recommend exploring this hidden gem. You’re sure to find something interesting!

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