December 10, 2019 ·

I Have the Best Job in the World

The Best Job in the World

Wait… this is my job?!? When I moved to Las Vegas in 1989, I felt a sense of home for the first time in my life. At 9 years old, I immediately felt the warmth of those neon lights and recognized that this place was special.

I recall wanting to shout from the rooftops to tell the world that Las Vegas was accepting of anyone and everyone. YOU could belong here too! So, I made it my mission to do just that — educate the world about how to live your best Las Vegas life!

I tell everyone how INCREDIBLE Las Vegas is.

I travelled for work in my 20’s and used this as an opportunity to brag about how Vegas is the best place to live. Anyone sitting next to me on an airplane, taxi drivers, servers at a restaurant, hotel concierges, coffee baristas all had to listen to me drone on about why Vegas is the greatest. Sometimes, my bragging was met with chuckles, jokes, and eye rolls. Other times, the people actually seemed stunned and excited to learn more. I didn’t care what the response was. This was my mission in life for 20+ years and nothing would stop me. 

Now people are starting to notice!

Now, I have taken my message to social media and YouTube in hopes of reaching the biggest audience possible – and it’s working! I receive 100’s of DMs, emails, and inquiries every single day about people who want to make Las Vegas their home!

It’s hard to express how this makes me feel as I sometimes just want to say, “It’s about time!” But, more than anything, I am just so so happy every day. The world is finally seeing what I have known since August 1989.

Las Vegas is an amazing place to raise a family, start a business, start over, grow, learn, connect, and squeeze everything you can out of this life that you’ve been given!

I’m honored that you are here and I am so glad to see the love for my neon hometown get brighter and brighter each day. Hip hip hooray! 😃 🎉

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