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Quick Road Trips From Las Vegas

Road Trips from Las Vegas

I say it all the time, but I’ll say it one more time—there is A LOT more to Las Vegas than neon and nightclubs! “Las Vegas” itself means the meadows in Spanish, and we still have those beautiful views and meadows that made settlers first stop here.

From Las Vegas and Henderson there are a ton of beautiful places you can get to in under five hours. The beach is less than five hours away, and multiple national and state parks are within that five-hour mark. Think: the Grand Canyon, Zions National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Havasupai, and much more!

This post is about quick weekend road trips that are two hours or less away!


Distance from Las Vegas: 80 miles

Mesquite is a hub for hiking, mountain biking, ATVing, skydiving, and more. It’s in Nevada right on the border of Arizona along the I-15, which makes it easy to get to.

You can make it a day trip, or stay at one of the local resorts. It makes a good pitstop for kids to run around and take a quick hike on the way to Utah or Arizona.

Primm-Jean-Good Springs

Distance from Las Vegas: 40 miles

Primm, Jean, and Good Springs are all near one another, so I’m grouping them together into one destination. These towns give you an idea of what life was like in Nevada before technology, industry, and innovation took over. A taste of the wild wild west with a side of art, shopping, and gambling, if you will.

Boulder City

Distance from Las Vegas: 27 miles

Boulder City is just outside Las Vegas and Henderson, and makes a really fun day trip! The city was first built to house Hoover Dam workers, and actually has a ban on gambling within city limits. The downtown area is charming and quaint and is home to many other fun excursions.

The Hoover Dam is a must-see. Don’t think it’s only for tourists—it’s incredible. Fishing and boating on Lake Mead is a fun adventure. Kayaking on the Colorado River to Emerald Cave is like visiting another world. The historic railroad trail is a perfect place to adventure and learn. I could go on and on. You’ll love Boulder City.


Distance from Las Vegas: 97 miles

Laughlin is a town on the Colorado River that has endless aquatic entertainment. You can take river cruises, go on jet ski adventures, and visit the beautiful Lake Mohave. There are camping spots around the lake, which would make for a fun family weekend.

All within 100 miles of Las Vegas, these cities deserve to be part of your next weekend trip. I want you to love Las Vegas, and I think these cities will show you the historic and outdoorsy side of the Las Vegas area!

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