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Raw Fitness Youth | Las Vegas Small Business Spotlight

One of my all-time favorite things about living in Las Vegas is that there’s so many small businesses. There’s restaurants and stores, museums, and food trucks. And, believe it or not, there’s tons of family-friendly activities and businesses throughout our beautiful city, including Raw Fitness Youth. Today, I’m SO thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend and owner of Raw Fitness Youth, Tony Scott. Tony and his wife have built a business that helps bring movement and good nutrition to the kids of Las Vegas.

Raw Fitness Youth

I am so lucky to know Tony and his wife, Tabitha, both personally and professionally. These two stand for everything I love about Las Vegas and are all about community. With a background in personal training and a history of working with children as a youth counselor and at sports camps growing up, Tony knew he had something unique to offer Las Vegas. Raw Fitness Youth is all about teaching our kiddos about movement, mindset and nutrition. They focus on why consistent movement matters and how good nutrition can impact all parts of our life. And they make it all FUN! These are great classes for kids with any fitness level and a perfect way for them to meet other kids their age in the area!

Raw Fitness Youth: Small Business Spotlight highlights local gym creating classes to teach Las Vegas kids about movement and nutrition
Photo Credit: Raw Fitness Youth

Summer Camps and Classes

With the pandemic, we’re all going a little stir crazy… especially our kids. I have three boys at home that are driving me nuts and I know I’m not alone!! Raw Fitness Youth has created a SIX week program for our kids. Once a week, they’ll come together at the gym for their workout and leave with homework focusing on good nutrition. The gym is currently following all guidelines to be safe, including all kids working out in pre-marked squares on the floor to encourage distancing. Throughout the program, teamwork and strong mindsets will be worked on, plus the physical skills.

The best part of all of this? The entire 6 week program is ONLY $89! No joke, no gimmicks. This is a great way to get your kids out of the house, get them moving, and help them find new ways to see kids their age! Trust me, they’ll love Tony and Tabitha – just like I do – and you’ll be happy to have a little peace and quiet.

If you live in Las Vegas and you’re looking for something for your kids to do this summer, get them signed up with Raw Fitness Youth here!! Don’t forget to watch our full interview below, you won’t want to miss this time with Tony!

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