June 4, 2020 ·

Vegas Strong: Re-Opening Las Vegas After COVID-19

This week has been especially emotional, jarring, fear-filled, sad, terrifying, and confusing for many of us. I am not ignoring or avoiding the world’s reality at this moment with this post, but today is an incredibly important day that I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge.

If you’ve been following my mission for more than a few months, you are keenly aware of the fact that I eat, sleep, live and breathe Las Vegas. My purpose in life is to help you unlock the secrets of this city and ultimately live your best Las Vegas life. Watching this city, along with the rest of the world, shut down and be silenced in this wake of the COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating. Seeing so many people out of work, stressed, scared, and defeated has been draining.

Re-Opening Las Vegas

Today, our city comes back to life in a big step toward returning to a sense of reality. I know we are not “all better”. I know we are not immune to future issues and a resurgence of this horrible outbreak. What I know more than anything – in my heart and to my core – is that we’re going to be okay. Today is a new day.

Emotional message about re-opening Las Vegas and coming together as a city after COVID-19 outbreak from Las Vegas Gal, Laci Cerrone
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Please take a moment to be grateful for this new day as you move through your day/week/month. Casinos are reopening. People are beginning to return to work. Families are healing little by little. We are re-opening Las Vegas and it’s a day to celebrate.

Being Happy is Okay!

Today is a day that we have all looked forward to and, for a moment, I was afraid to share this message. Then, I remembered that I don’t owe anyone an explanation or apology and neither do you. Having happiness or excitement and wanting to share it does not automatically counteract the reality of our world or negate your support or feelings about it. It means we are HUMANS wanting to connect with other HUMANS.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my happiness today and I will not let the current climate, movements, or opinions take that away. Not today. 
Hold steady in your life mission. Be careful not to be pulled, pushed, or bullied into giving away your joy.

emotional message about re-opening Las Vegas and coming together as a city after COVID-19 outbreak from Las Vegas Gal, Laci Cerrone

Let us all celebrate together as we receive the gift of coming back to life. We are #vegasstrong.

Welcome back, Las Vegas. Let’s brush off your knees and bandage up those wounds. We’ve got some work to do.

With love, Laci.

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