February 11, 2020 ·

Tell your story. Share the mistakes. Show up. Let’s make it happen!

I speak to realtors and small business owners every single day about marketing their business with no fear of judgment. The fear of what others will think or how they look or how they’ll sound is almost always the thing I see standing in the way of their success.

In a few cases, I’ve been successful in coaching that fear away to give some wiggle room for growth. When that happens, the person is usually stunned at how much fun they have when they’re not allowing other opinions in the room. 

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Don’t Let Fear Take Over

Sadly, most of the time, I see this fear overtake the situation and prevent even micro-movements in the right direction.

I’m here to encourage you to put on your blinders and earmuffs and press onward toward your goals. Stop consuming other people’s content and start creating your own! This is the only way to stand out and be seen in this busy online world.

If you have a dream, you have to be willing to look silly, not be perfect, make mistakes, and laugh at yourself – WHILE EVERYONE IS WATCHING! If you can make it a habit to be vulnerable and authentic in your messaging on a consistent basis, it WILL grow your business!

Silence Feedback and Keep Pushing

Silence feedback (both good and bad) and keep pushing. This includes comments about your hair from your mom and the razzing from your siblings. This includes advice on how to “improve” or suggestions about what you “should have done” by your spouse or best friend. They all mean well but they don’t realize that those small comments could derail you and delete your dream.

So, please push the mute button and keep pressing forward. I believe in you and cannot wait to watch your story unfold. The world deserves to know about you and your business.

Tell your story. Share the mistakes. Show up no matter what you look like! Let’s make it happen! 🔥😍💯


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