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The 3 Best Parks in Las Vegas

Best Parks in Las Vegas

So, you’re thinking about moving to Fabulous Las Vegas. Stereotypes abound about Sin City and the famous Strip, not all entirely undeserved. We love our neon flashing lights and world-renowned clubs. However, Las Vegas is a city like any other; it has its own industries, locales, and subcultures distinct from the nightlife.

Las Vegas isn’t just for hitting the Strip with your friends over spring break. People raise children, build companies, and attend school here in Las Vegas. And people—like me—love it!

I’ll go over some of the best parks in Las Vegas to illustrate the more residential side of the city. Often overlooked, there are some beautiful public spaces throughout the city’s residential and commercial areas. They’re great places to visit, and great places to frequent if—or when!—you become a permanent resident.

1. Springs Preserve 

One of the oldest parks in the region, Early Spanish explorers first settled here during the founding of Las Vegas.

The Springs Preserve park experience offers almost a full day of exploration and entertainment. The Nevada State Museum also calls Springs Preserve home, and with interactive science exhibits, art displays, botanical gardens, and natural garden and wildlife zones, Springs Preserve is 180 acres of fun for adults and children.

A beautiful counterpoint to the concrete sprawl of much of the city, Springs Preserve is located a mere three miles from the famed Strip. It’s a great location for dates, family outings, class visits, or a simple reflective walk out in nature.

2. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Center

Slightly west of the developed suburbs of the Vegas metropolitan area is a dedicated chunk of the Mojave Desert reserved for biking, hiking, bouldering, and observation.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Center is a complete sample of many of the desert’s features—there are wide open dunes and vistas as well as craters, cliffs, and caves for hiking, climbing, and sightseeing. Archeological sites show off our history and some ancient indigenous artwork.

“The Loop,” a 13-mile road, runs through the park, offering visitors a chance to conveniently see the flora and fauna of the desert from their car. Hikers can get more ambitious, striking out onto the wider trail system. You cannot go wrong in Red Rock. Every trail and road leads to a stunning view.

3. Floyd Lamb Park 

Greenery isn’t always a feature in Las Vegas nature. The Mojave Desert is known for cacti, Joshua trees, and limestone, with few lush ponds or fields.

The Tule Springs area, however, is an oasis in the desert ecosystem. At Floyd Lamb Park, visitors can fish—provided they have the proper licenses—and the ponds and streams host geese, peacocks, bunnies, and ducks.

Floyd Lamb Park stands out as one of my top places in the middle of the desert where you can go for a picnic-on-the-grass style outing. The historic Tule Springs ranch stands on the park grounds, offering a chance to experience tours of many old-style colonial buildings.

Enjoy the Outdoors in Vegas

Fabulous Las Vegas is always going to have its reputation. There’s nothing wrong with that; our nightlife really is legendary, and the Strip is a classic American icon. However, it’s worth knowing about the tamer side of the city too—especially if you want to make Las Vegas your home.

If you plan on moving here, you want to find a few outdoor areas where you can explore and spend time. These parks are just a few of the many fun yet wholesome things to do in our totally fabulous city!

Reach out to me if you want to talk more about Las Vegas, and comment below which parks I missed!

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