March 30, 2019 ·

Top Neighborhoods in Las Vegas for Small Families

Are you ready to move to Las Vegas? That’s great news! There’s a lot to love about this city, especially if you have children in tow. Here are my picks for the top Las Vegas neighborhoods for small families.

Where to live in Las Vegas with kids

Northwest Las Vegas

Located in the northwest part of the city, this neighborhood is more of a broad stretch of communities—like Providence, Centennial Hills, Lone Mountain, Sheep Mountain, North Cheyenne, and Tule Springs.

Most of Northwest Las Vegas is newer, with the Centennial Hills community centering on the hot housing market. I’ve seen homes ranging from one to two stories and from quaint starter homes to sprawling mansions. Across this large neighborhood, expect to see more homes from the early 1980s in the southern part and those built in the 2000s or new homes the further north you go.

I love this neighborhood for families because of all the amenities around you. It’s not centralized in Las Vegas like the Strip or the airport, but what it does have is centralized plazas. Love the library? Check out Centennial Hills library. Love local parks? You’ll find them sprinkled all around the neighborhood. Living closer to the plazas means you can walk to grocery stores and other shops, but even when you do drive, the commute is never congested.

This affordable neighborhood has really great schools too. Whatever life stage your kids are at—high school, middle school, or elementary school—they’ll find options to help them succeed.


Just south of Northwest Las Vegas, you’ll find a master-planned community attracting people who love the good life. Summerlin first began in the early 1990s, and it has grown into a top-notch community for school, work, and play.

Since Summerlin is master-planned, there’s less spontaneity to the home designs, and the lots tend to be a little smaller. Master-planned communities have a lot of perks, though. Think clean tree-lined streets and parks. Summerlin is all about your neighborhood—and that means you’re never far from a neighborhood park, school, community center, or plaza.

Whenever I take people on tours of Las Vegas, I take them by downtown Summerlin and Village Center Circle so they can see Summerlin-living in action. These two areas provide hubs for getting social, no matter what you’re interested in.

Another thing that’s great about Summerlin is how close it is to Red Rock Canyon conservation area. It’s beautiful any time of the year, and families love it. There are plenty of trails for both families and advanced hikers. Not to mention the stunning views Red Rock brings.

Green Valley

My final pick for family-friendly neighborhoods is Green Valley. Technically, it’s at the northwest end of Henderson, but Green Valley is central to greater Las Vegas and just a few minutes’ drive from the airport and The Strip.

Green Valley is another master-planned community that began earlier than Summerlin. You’ll find homes here from the 1970s through to new builds, with formerly empty lots taking on a life of their own. It’s exciting to watch the changes and to see how many families are moving in.

There are parks and schools throughout Green Valley, with shops and entertainment plazas scattered around in clusters. Plus, kids love the nearby Clark County Wetland Park, and you will too.

You can find family-friendly living in almost any area of Las Vegas.

And there you have it—my picks for top neighborhoods in Las Vegas perfect for small families. Having said all that, you can make almost any area work with children. It’s all about finding the place where you and your kids feel comfortable and at home.

There’s a lot to love about Las Vegas. Come see it for yourself! Send me a message or leave a comment if you have anything to add.

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