April 18, 2020 ·

6 Ways to Support Las Vegas Small Businesses

Small businesses rock. Not only are they great for local economies, but they also offer a cozy place to hang out and a location close to home. Plus, they’re full of passionate people who love what they do.

The success of these businesses is also crucial to the livelihood of staff and owners. Unfortunately, health crises like coronavirus have a major impact on small businesses. 

Las Vegas—beyond the Strip and the big retailers—is full of amazing local gems. Check out six ways you can support Las Vegas small businesses, especially at a time like this.

1. Order Take-out

Currently, restaurants and cafes can’t take dine-in guests, but they can still take your phone and online orders.

What will you need to do? Place your order and choose how you want to get it. Most restaurants will have pickup service, typically curbside or at the front door. Some might have drive-thru service or parking lot drive-thru service. Others might have delivery service through a third party.

In addition, ordering take-out is one way to remove stress when you’re having trouble finding enough ingredients for an evening meal.

2. Choose Local

Wherever possible, choose to shop local. That means favoring all those small independent stores lining the streets, whether in Southwest Las Vegas, Northwest Las Vegas, Henderson, or elsewhere.

We’re not talking about big retailers, chain restaurants, and chain coffee shops. Spend your dollars at smaller shops if you’re in need of household supplies, groceries, or other staples. The same goes for family-owned restaurants and corner cafes. If you’re ordering take-out, go local, not big name. 

3. Buy Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

When you buy gift cards and gift certificates, it’s like future cash for you, but immediate cash for small businesses.

Supporting your local small businesses this way can help them to get through troubled times. Whether they apply the money to operating costs, staff payroll, supply purchases, or another business expense, they’ll be better equipped to persevere. Plus, you’ll have a prepaid ticket for food, services, or products once things return to normal.

4. Make Online Purchases

Another way you can support small businesses is to make purchases on their website. Instead of browsing in-person, you can browse the online shop and place your order.

If the shop does not have an online store, they might be able to set up video browsing. Then you could pay for the purchase at the door or over the phone. Safe-distance options do exist!

5. Subscribe to Digital Editions

For Las Vegas newspapers and magazines, some printed deliveries won’t be happening. If you normally pay for the print edition, switch to digital. It’s a fantastic way to keep up your subscription and stay informed on all things Las Vegas. A digital subscription lets these publications maintain their operations, helping them weather an economic downturn.

6. Get Social

Finally, it’s more important than ever to get social, even if it’s not in person.

Spread the word online, share deals with friends by text, and be vocal in your support for these local gems. Share their posts on your Instagram story! You can also leave reviews to direct new customers toward making online purchases or phone orders.

From a cool little antique shop to a cupcakery or a handmade jewelry boutique, these local businesses do so much for Las Vegas. Let’s return the love with our support! And check out local gems for my favorite spots around town. 

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