Meet Laci

I grew up with a disco ball in my living room and Elvis impersonators as dinner guests. It was as fabulous as childhoods come. My parents were performers, and my younger years were full of dancing, performing, singing and watching my parents entertain crowds.

When I was 9, my parents decided to make the move from Kansas City to Las Vegas with their performing group and young Laci in tow.

Las Vegas runs through my veins. Sure, I didn’t move here until I was 9, but the first time we drove into Las Vegas and I saw the neon lights, I was hooked. It felt like I had been there my whole life, and I got that warm feeling you get when you are in a place that feels like home. The sense of community and belonging immediately, and it sunk deep into my skin and has yet to leave.

I fell hard & fast for Las Vegas

I started writing to my friends in Kansas City telling them why they should move to Las Vegas. Everyone needs to know how fabulous this city is! That passionate – maybe even aggressive – love for Las Vegas still lives inside of me, and I still don’t go a day without telling someone why Las Vegas is the greatest city in the world.

I have spent my professional career working in marketing at huge casinos and for world-famous shows. My past life as a marketing director is the perfect background for my current career as the owner of a real estate group.

Right now I’m happy to be raising my kids alongside my husband in the best city in the world and doing what I love – shouting about the magic of Las Veags from the rooftops. I love meeting new friends, so send me a message if you want to chat about Las Vegas, disco balls or my local restaurant picks.

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